it was great!! Just great!!:) I felt like a feather after the session. A lot of sharing moments; gentle, kind, relieving & inspiring at the same time! i would totally recommend it!:) As an engineer, I usually avoid this kind of engagements. Seeing is believing for me and have I seen some amazing results on my friend. Then I met one of the most kind and gentle lady. Her wisdom and therapy made some unexpected positive changes to my life. Thank you Mustsumi. WOW, WOW, WOW. I can not recommend a session with Mutsumi enough. I was privileged to see her on a tour of The Gold Coast in Queensland. Such clarity afterward, such peace of mind. I can see things for how they truly are now. Thank you for the rest of my clarity filled life Mutsumi.

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Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to humankind. In indigenous cultures, shamans interact with spirits to get results such as healing. Today in our culture many consider it avant-garde if a person talks about the mind-body connection, but the fact that the brain is connected to the rest of the body is not the most exciting news. Its been known for hundreds and thousands of years.

The shamanic practitioner will seek advice from the spirit world, for the client to aid him on their healing journey. During a shamanic healing session, the practitioner use drums, rattles, chimes, chanting and song, as well as "sacred smudge" ; - a method of burning herbs or incense to spiritually cleanse and bless the area.


Shamanic healing has been found to be very beneficial in treating many health issues, including all types of abuse, fatigue, chronic pain or illness, alcohol or drug dependency, and emotional or mental illness.


Soul Retrieval
Anyone who's had a trauma, from a shamanic point of view, may have had some loss of their soul. By soul we mean the spiritual essence essential throughout one's life as we describe life in our culture, which is from conception or birth to the time of death. The techniques for healing soul loss are soul-retrieval techniques, and one of the classic shamanic methods is to go searching for that lost portion of the soul and restore it.

Indeed, if you ask a group of people, "How many of you feel you've lost part of your soul?s typical that everybody raises their hand. At some deep level, there is a natural awareness of this problem. By the way, even a minor trauma can result in some degree of soul loss and can be treated.


Extraction Healing
Extraction involves removing a spiritual intrusion. Just as there can be infections in ordinary reality, so there can be spiritual intrusions. We don"t mean that "evil" spirits have entered. It"s more like termites in a wooden house. If you"ve got termites in your house, you wouldnt say those termites are evil, you"d say, " just like to get them out of the house." In this same way the shaman works to remove things that interfere with the health of the body, such as spiritual intrusions, and extract them. This is not done through journeying. It"s done through working here in the Middle World in an altered state of consciousness.


Work in shamanism also involves divination. A person can journey for themselves or have somebody who"s a shamanic practitioner journey for them to get an answer to a question. What"s really interesting is when somebody who"s a complete stranger—about whom the shaman asks for an answer to a question, and the shaman then journeys or uses other techniques and gets the exact information that's valid for that person's life.


Home Clearing, House Blessing, and Land Healing
Cleansing could help if a house seems to store negativity, if bad luck, domestic stress and ill health often occurs in the house. This can be transformed with journeying and asking to the spirit to help. This can be done for a house, apartment, place of business, or piece of


Distance Healing
Healing at a long distance guided by the shamanic journey, spirit teachers and power animals.


Harner Shamanic Counseling
Harner Shamanic Counseling (HSC) is a spiritual method of shamanic counseling that follows the ancient principles of shamanism (not those based on Western psychology).  As a method of spiritual counseling, HSC is not designed to treat psychopathology. The main
goal of HSC is “life-enlightenment.” It is a problem-solving system designed to help people discover their own spiritual power and to tap into the wisdom necessary to deal successfully with daily life.

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