it was great!! Just great!!:) I felt like a feather after the session. A lot of sharing moments; gentle, kind, relieving & inspiring at the same time! i would totally recommend it!:) As an engineer, I usually avoid this kind of engagements. Seeing is believing for me and have I seen some amazing results on my friend. Then I met one of the most kind and gentle lady. Her wisdom and therapy made some unexpected positive changes to my life. Thank you Mustsumi. WOW, WOW, WOW. I can not recommend a session with Mutsumi enough. I was privileged to see her on a tour of The Gold Coast in Queensland. Such clarity afterward, such peace of mind. I can see things for how they truly are now. Thank you for the rest of my clarity filled life Mutsumi.

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Intuitive Hypnotherapy and Energy Clearing

Intuitive Hypnotherapy and Energy Clearing

Focusing on the workings of the subconscious mind, using intuition to point
out blocks in the body and simultaneous energy clearing.

A unique technique by Roshni, using a combination of Intuition, Hypnotherapy and
hands on Reiki energy channeling in her sessions to access and clear old negative
belief patterns in the mind and blockages in the Chakras or energy centers at the
same time. This technique works with deep rooted or suppressed emotions and
limiting decisions about oneself made subconsciously in the past. Success has been
seen in healing the inner child by releasing old emotional wounds, raising self-
esteem, overcoming fears and much more.

Duration: 90 mins
Price: 3,500 THB
Practitioners: Roshni Srikureja

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