it was great!! Just great!!:) I felt like a feather after the session. A lot of sharing moments; gentle, kind, relieving & inspiring at the same time! i would totally recommend it!:) As an engineer, I usually avoid this kind of engagements. Seeing is believing for me and have I seen some amazing results on my friend. Then I met one of the most kind and gentle lady. Her wisdom and therapy made some unexpected positive changes to my life. Thank you Mustsumi. WOW, WOW, WOW. I can not recommend a session with Mutsumi enough. I was privileged to see her on a tour of The Gold Coast in Queensland. Such clarity afterward, such peace of mind. I can see things for how they truly are now. Thank you for the rest of my clarity filled life Mutsumi.

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Qi Healing

Collective Consciousness & Intuitive Development

It is a 2-day course – 6 hours per day from 10am to 5pm with one hour lunch break.

No prerequisite or previous experience needed! This course is recommended for beginners in the world of energy healing.

We will learn an introduction of what is Qi? Prana? Chinese meridians and Kundalini energy. We will do exercise of meditation and breathing to open our third eye. Mutsumi will lead you to a world of holographic universe, through games and group healing. We will then realize everything and everyone is connected.

Do you know there is a natural frequency called Fibonacci sequence? There is a sacred geometry can always be found by a ratio that we call Golden Ratio.

We will learn how it influences our art, culture, music and architecture.

Our body is also a perfect Golden ratio to link us to the collective consciousness filing cabinet- the Akashic record in Sanskrit.

Then we will learn from our five senses there is no border of time and space. We will do energy transfer by crystals and choose a specific time and go back to that time and space zone by group consciousness.



6 hours a day, 2 days course
10,000 Baht per person, minimum 4 students

Qi healing module 2: Tarot card reading for healing

Perquisite: Qi healing module 1 needed to develop intuitive mind.

Tarot for healing part 1 – Major Arcana 22 cards
Tarot and horoscope signs
Tarot and solar system
30 hours course 12,000 Baht

Tarot for healing part 2 -Minor Arcana cards 56 cards
Tarot for emotion, spiritual & material actions.
30 hours course 12,000 Baht

Package at Villa du lac Hua Hin 22,000 baht per person single room.
20,000 baht per person shared room.

Including accommodation and full board vegetarian meals & transportation. 

Minimum 4 students 


News Updates

Release your trapped emotions, Villa du lac by Omroom from 17th to 19th OCT

Reconnecting to Mother Earth, Villa du lac by Omroom from 4 to 6 OCT